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Sad news that Kelvin another stalwart of British Country music has passed away following a long illness.  Not many left now from what I think of as the heyday of the British scene.  I don’t know if we will ever see a situation in this Country like we did in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  So what went wrong to change the scene.  Was it line dancing that came in with a bang over here with Billie Ray Cyrus and then many line dance clubs opening up and existing clubs moving to a line dance format.  Was it the demise of the Wembley Festival  which with its associated festivals in Holland etc was a amazing shop window for Country Music each year.  Is it perhaps the demise of the Country promoters such as Mervyn Conn who would tour the Country with some big names.  Is it the BBC who have withdrawn from Country music TV coverage even to the extent of not showing the CMA awards anymore.  Also BBC National radio’s coverage  is not what it was and the loss of David Allen from his Country show was certainly a bad move by the BBC. Is it perhaps the phenomenal success of Country Music in the states that makes artists too expensive to come over here.  I think the British scene really benefited by the exposure that these artists gave to the music.

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Kelvin Henderson dies and so does more of the British Country Scene